Regression Suite Release Notes

Lakshmi Krishnamurthy
v1.0 9 June 2012

9 June 2012 (v1.0)

* Execution Time Distribution: Implementation of the clock time distribution with central measures (mean/variance) and extreme measures (minimum/maximum). Precise measurement of the isolated execution time, factoring in the initialization and other event-related delays.
* Enhanced Unit Testing: Correlated input parameter range generation, success/failure seperation and execution time distribution for input ranges, separation of a) regression success vs unit test success, and b) test execution vs test preparation/post processing.
* Pluggable automated framework: Built around framework for process control, invocation freedom, execution control, regression statistics and regression details generation, and around interfaces for unit regressors and regressor sets.
* Regression Details: Compact/efficient, parseable, and processeable regression details; arbitrary unit regressor specified named regression fields; distributions generated on any of the named numeric regression fields; customized details controllable at the unit regressor level, the regressor module level, and the engine level.

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